To the Student

To the ETS Student:

The cancellation of normal classes provides a TREMENDOUS opportunity to develop your independent problem solving skills.  Students who advantage of this opportunity will have a HUGE advantage over those who do not.

In school, you do not normally get the chance to struggle with a problem for hours, but this is the only way to develop the ability to independently and creatively solving challenging problems with new ideas.  The key for success in today’s economy is generating new ideas from YOUR brain; ideas that weren’t put there by anyone else.  Remember the definition of brilliance,

“Brilliance is the ability to see what everyone else has seen but think what no one else has thought.”

I have posted several challenging problems on-line at

The three schools I’m currently working with all have drop-down links, but this is only to present problems that are relevant to what we talked about.  You, of course, are free to look at all of the problems.

In order to develop YOUR brain, it is important that you don’t get help from anyone else.  Getting the answer with someone else help has virtually no value.  You get ZERO points for getting answers.  This is not about getting answers, it is about developing YOUR problem solving skills.

I would be honored to act as a “coach” to guide you through the problem solving process if you reach a dead end.  When solving a challenging problem, don’t think, “What am I supposed to do?” think “What can I do to explore the solution space and learn more about the problem?”

My cell phone is 440-476-5241 and my e-mail is  Call me “Coach Ed.”


Coach Ed