The Kayla Book Series

The Kayla books tell the story of a fourth grade girl who has gotten so far behind in her math class that she is not able to understand what her teacher is trying to teach her.  So rather than pay attention, she spends her class time drawing pictures. 

Her math teacher, Mr. Williams, is aware of how poorly Kayla is doing.  He decides a tutor would be the best way to help Kayla learn her math.

In the first book, Kayla is introduced to Ms. Gibbs, her new math tutor.  Ms. Gibbs begins by teaching Kayla how to add and subtract like fractions.  She soon discovers, however, that Kayla needs help with the math covered in earlier grades.  In the later books in this series, Ms. Gibbs teaches Kayla much of the math she needs to be more successful in school.

There are twelve books in this series.  Whether you’re a fourth grader, in middle school or in high school; a Mom or Dad or a Grandparent, you can learn along with Kayla. 

The story is told by Kayla right before she goes off to college.