Problem Solving with Infinite Series

Problem Solving with Infinite Series” is designed to be a supplemental workbook students taking a course in calculus that involves infinite series or for STEM majors taking a math methods course who want to learn how to use mathematical series to solve real-world problems.

The author teaches “Mathematical Methods in the Physical Sciences” at Baldwin Wallace University and the textbook for the course is Mary Boas’ book of the same name, Mathematical Methods in the Physical Sciences.   Dr Meyer was fortunate enough to have Dr Boas as a professor for the course and he designed this workbook as a problem solving guide for Chapter One of her classic book.  Here is a quote about the book:

“After an initial reading, Meyer’s book has remained in my thoughts and I have come to appreciate its unique emphasis on problem solving in a more creative way, than many of the set-piece problems in most texts that is consistent its excellent job in fulfilling its educational agenda.”  K. L. Kowalski, Emeritus Professor of Physics, Case Western Reserve University.

You are welcome to download a pdf of the book here: