Dr Edwin F Meyer coauthored  the book “Guide to Teaching Puzzle-Based Learning,” published by Springer in 2014.  His collaborators were Raja Sooriamurthi of Carnegie Mellon University and Nick Falkner and Zbigniew Michalewicz both of the University of Adelaide in Southern Australia.

The book is a complete guide for developing classes in problem solving.  A link is here.

Dr Meyer is the sole author of the book, “Naked Physics” which presents 64 multiple choice problems involving basic knowledge of how things happen in the physical world.  Detailed solutions are provided.  Here is a link.

“The Gedanken Institute Book of Puzzles” was first published in 2014 and is now in its second printing.  The book is coauthored with Joe Luchsinger, a graduate of Baldwin Wallace University and currently in the MD PhD program at Vanderbilt University.   The book contains a wide variety of problems that have been presented at past institutes.  Here is a link.

In 2016, Kaylee Yuhas, Sam Schwab, then students at BWU, and Dr Meyer published a book that develops problem solving skills using probability problems.  As with all of Dr Meyer’s publications, the emphasis is on thinking and understanding, rather than plugging numbers into formulas.  Each problem is examined carefully and thoroughly before the solution is attempted.  Here is a link.

Dr Meyer also coauthored two physics and one math textbook.  “Problem Solving Guide for Mechanics and Thermodynamics,” “Problem Solving Guide for Electromagnetism and Optics,” and “Problem Solving with Infinite Series.”