2018 Gedanken Institute

The 2018 Gedanken Institute for Problem Solving will be held in the Center for Innovation] and Growth at Baldwin Wallace University from Monday July 9th through Friday July 13th.  The classes meet each day from 9:00 am to 3:30 pm.  Lunch and supplies are provided.

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Never before in the history of our species has such a small percentage of humans been contributing members of society.  To be a contributing member in today’s society there are three key skills.  The ability to communicate, the ability to work on a team and the ability to solve new problems.

Unfortunately, today’s youth get very little time to develop these skills at school.  They are usually memorizing names for things or following a set of prescribed steps to perform exercises.  For example, using the pythagorean theorem to determine the length of the third side of a triangle, factoring polynomials or memorizing the seven phases of cell division.

According to a recent poll, 96% of college administrators believe that they are preparing their students to be contributing members of society, but only 11% of business leaders agree.

A recent book titled, Excellent Sheep, laments the current state of education in the US.  Students are being trained to DO rather than to THINK.

The Gedanken Institute for Problem Solving will focus ONLY on developing the students’ ability to solve challenging problems as a member of a team.

The Institute is not a math camp, a science camp or a camp that prepares students for a specific standardized test.  It is a week-long, rigorous deep dive into a wide variety of new, challenging problems led by professor and international problem solver Dr Edwin F Meyer.  The Institute focuses on the development of problem solving skills, communication skills, teamwork, grit and determination; all characteristics that are in-demand by today’s employers.

The problems are taken from the fields of pattern recognition, operations research, risk management and probability.  Teamwork and communication skills will be emphasized.  The environment will be low-stress, fun and creative.




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